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The Winner


So the winner of the free copy of my book is none other than Ellen F. of Montgomery, AL. It was a tough contest but with her following entry she proved that working where she does must be surreal:

I work at a party store and our most commonly phoned in questions are:

"How long are your six feet long tables?"


"Will your tables fit in my trunk?"

It's tricky figuring out new ways to answer questions like that. Also I think most of the truly weird people were hiding for this contest.


More free stuff!

You can now download the first TWO chapters on the Downloads page instead of just the first chapter. That is significant as the second chapter is almost fifty more pages than the first. So head over to the Downloads area and give it a whirl.


The easiest way to score a free copy of my book

Okay, so I've been meaning to give away a free copy of my book to some lucky (or unlucky as they may find themselves to be) reader. I have noticed that the people that have been buying my book, those that have contacted me at least, have come from such wild and diverse vocations that I can officially say my audience is one of the strangest I've ever known.

I said all that to say this: I want to know who has the weirdest job out there. If you want a FREE printed and autographed copy of my book hit the Contact page and send me an email. The subject of the email should be 'I do something weird enough to get free stuff'. This promotion will last until next Friday, the 24th of March. I will announce the winner here and say exactly why this person is getting the copy.

Remember, though, you have to demonstrate your weirdness and how it manifests through your job. I want to know where you work, what you do there and why that's weird. I'm not looking for bad jobs unless they are weird enough. I am not looking for any job that falls outside the normal lines of law and order. If you sell pot to circus clowns that is weird, but I won't be sending you a book. Hopefully we'll get a real winner with this and I won't end up sending another copy to the guy who cleans out Hillary Clinton's spittoon.

Good luck and make it interesting!


The Ides of March has come

So that's it. It's over. Finished.

The promotion went splendidly. Thanks to all of you who downloaded your copies and I sincerely hope to hear back from you all. If you missed your chance to get the super cheap digital copy, go buy a hard copy.


I won one over

Let's just say reviews haven't been streaming in. Those that have come in, however, have been interesting and have really helped to reaffirm what I hoped to accomplish with this book.

Of all the reviews, though, the following review meant a great deal to me. My best friend's grandmother, of all people, read the book and then submitted her take on it:

Here I thought I was going to be entertained by the likes of Elmer Kelton! You really hooked me with the "dry river" entrance to The Kingdoms of this World, you know. After my personal experience living on the Dry Devils River in Sutton County, Texas, I had already written the story for you in my head. When I reached the lycanthrope's entrance I had a momentary thought of giving the book a quick place next to a recent Christmas gift on the book shelf. However, out of a sense of duty (since you are my Grandson's best friend) I gave it a second chance. Even as I read without being able to put the book down, I kept telling myself I really didn't like what you were doing to "my story of southwest Texas", and then Scott would ask me "WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO BED?" It was when I read the last page that I realized you had captured me and taken me with you into the Kingdoms beyond the Gate Cursed. I can't believe how enraptured I was by a book so foreign to me and my reading style. I am so proud of you and your writing style. I LOVED IT. Charlotte Gilmore (age 71)

Based on her review I'll be making some changes to things here after the Ides of March promotion. As of this writing you have six days left to participate and get the book for a song. Click the banner at the right.


The Ides of March

Notice the button at the right? Well in order to continue the promotion of this book I have decided to release a cut rate digital edition to those of you who might not have been willing to shell out the paltry five dollars before.

For ONE dollar, you can now have not only the whole book, The Kingdoms of This World, but two additional drawings not included in the press version.

How can I afford to do this? Well, unlike the version available through, you cannot print this version. That said, the file size is also about ten times smaller.

One dollar, one quick download and you are well on your way to reading my novel.

I have called this promotion the Ides of March because I will only let this continue as until March 15th.

Remember, you are purchasing a LINK to the PDF version of the book, NOT AN ACTUAL BOOK. Once you go through the PayPal payment page, you will be redirected to the PDF page. From there you can save the PDF onto your local computer for viewing later. If you have any questions, please feel free to hit the Contact page and drop me an email.


My first big review

It comes from a site I also write for, Book Fetish:

Edgar Rice Burroughs was my introduction to 'transporting an ordinary guy to another planet" to see what would happen to him. Most people would be toast, but that makes for a short novel; Burroughs spun Barsoom along for several. Back in the 90's, a SF writer named John Dalmas passed a country farmer through a portal in search of his wife and made him a military hero in an alternate universe. Tres cool (and three novels). ...and now we have Gabe.

Well that's one reader down, millions to go.


It's official

I've been watching the logs as of late and keeping up with where all of you fine folks have been going on this site. Over 100 of you have downloaded the first chapter. I couldn't be more pleased. Almost the exact same number have visited the purchase page. Though not all of you have purchased a copy it gives me hope to know that you all have at least considered it.

Thanks for your support!


Mailing Delays

Some of you have reported delays in getting copies of the book. If you ordered the book and are having it delivered via USPS you might see some delay. I am not certain why this is but I have noticed the delay myself. If you need it fast, get it Priority Mail.


That's a big number

It seems 67 people, to date, have downloaded the first chapter of the book. That is very encouraging to me. I'm not sure how that works out with sales, but overall it seems positive.


It seems I forgot a fairly obvious point

I didn't intend on omitting a summary of the book from this site but I did even so.

To correct that, here is the text from the back cover:

Tommy Woodbine thought he was homeless. Even if you don’t know where your home is, everyone has a home. Drifting all his life from job to job and town to town, Tommy always assumed he knew exactly who and exactly what he was. In the sleepy little town of Drycreek, Texas, Tommy learns that all his preconceived notions of home, identity and reality are all gossamer thin. Traveling from Drycreek, Texas to points unknown, Tommy finds a place more bestial and primal than any in the human world. Tommy seeks truth on a journey fraught with peril. His quest begins to change him, though, as he learns things about himself and about his role in a dark intrigue that spans two worlds.

Check out the first chapter for more info.


Books to read and check out, at least

We have been liking this video about interesting books:


Coming soon...

There will be at least one review of The Kingdoms of This World this week. I will hope with baited breath for more than that but there will be at least one.

Stay tuned...


The book has launched


Check back here for more information as time progresses. I will also be linking reviews here.

Any questions? Hit the Contact page.